Monday, January 24, 2011

Group 4 elements

The Group 4 elements are a group of chemical elements in the periodic table. In the modern IUPAC nomenclature, Group 4 of the periodic table contains titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr), hafnium (Hf) and rutherfordium (Rf). This group lies in the d-block of the periodic table. The group itself has not acquired a trivial name; it belongs to the broader grouping of the transition metals.

The three Group 4 elements that occur naturally are titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr) and hafnium (Hf). The first three members of the group share similar properties; all three are hard refractory metals under standard conditions. However the fourth element rutherfordium (Rf), has been synthesized in the laboratory, none of them have been found occurring in nature. All isotopes of rutherfordium are radioactive. So far, no experiments in a supercollider were conducted to synthesize the next member of the group Unpentquadium (Upq). As Upq is a late member of period 8 element it is unlikely that this element will be synthesized in the near future.




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